Caledonia Care Home
Saltcoates Ayrshire
Domestic Assistant
Advertising Salary:
£8.91 per hour + employee benefits in addition
Vacancy Type
We are currently seeking Domestic staff to join our team:
To carry out daily / weekly cleaning responsibilities such as - 
  • Empty waste bins and wipe out
  • Vacuum throughout
  • Shake out cushions
  • Clean dining rooms / lounges / lavatories
  • Laundry cleaning & tiding
  • Clean taps and sinks
  • Clean soap dishes
  • Clean toothbrush holders
  • Spot clean all floorings
  • Polish all mirrors
  • Clean all pipework in lavatories
  • Dust handrails and radiators
  • Move all mobile furniture (including beds and chairs)
  • and vacuum and dust beneath / behind
  • Wash out metal wastepaper bins
  • Dust and polish furniture and windowsills
  • Wash lino floors
  • Shampoo carpets as requested by Home Manager
  • Dust light bulbs and fittings
  • Dust curtain rails
  • Dust pictures
  • En-suites - remove seat cushions and vacuum / clear out
  • Restock toiletries, soaps, towels etc as and when required
Other General responsibilities are
  • Participate in Staff and Client meetings as required
  • Attend mandatory training days/courses, on or off site, as and when required
  • Maintain professional knowledge and competence Adhere to the Care Centre’s disposal of waste policy
  • Report immediately to the Home Manager, or Person in Charge, any illness of an infectious nature or accident incurred by a Client, colleague, self or another
  • Understand and ensure the implementation of the Care Centre’s Health and Safety policy, and Emergency and Fire procedures
  • Report to the Home Manager, or the Handyperson, any faulty appliances, damaged furniture, equipment or any potential hazard Ensure all equipment is clean and well maintained
  • Promote safe working practice in the Care Centre and ensure the good reputation of the Care Centre. 
  • Ensure that all information of confidential nature gained in the course of duty is not divulged to third parties. 
  • Notify the Home Manager, or the Person in Charge, as soon as possible of your inability to report for duty, and also on your return to work from all periods of absence
  • Ensure the security of the Care Centre is maintained at all times. 
  • Adhere to all Company policies and procedures within the defined timescales. 
Qualifications and Skills
  • Team player
  • Good communication skills
  • Satisfactory Police Check and check against the POVA List (where applicable)

  • Care for the Elderly experience
About The Company

About Handsale Ltd:

Handsale Ltd is a privately-owned healthcare company that currently owns and operates Eight Care Homes across England, Wales and Scotland. Founded in 1988 as a family business, Handsale has proudly maintained its family owned and operated structure to this day. Handsale has over 30 years’ experience in healthcare and is a well-respected group in the industry. The Company operates 523 beds and employs over 650 people. Each Handsale care home is exactly that – a home. They are all situated in carefully chosen areas where their residents can continue to lead fulfilling lives while feeling confident and secure.  The homes are run with an ethos based on quality, trust and support. Handsale prides itself on being an integral part of each of the communities it serves.

Caledonia Care Home - Handsale Ltd
The home caters 90 residents and offers Nursing and Residential care. We care for people those with Dementia, Old Age & Physically Disabled. Facility & Services we offer are Palliative Care, Respite Care, Convalescent Care, Alzheimer’s Care, Cancer Care, Stroke, Colitis & Crohn's Disease and Separate EMI Unit.

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